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FAQ’s for Bride’s


Dear Brides,

Welcome to my most frequently asked questions section. I have worked with over a hundred brides and several hundred clients and models…all of which have given me the experience required to meet your needs and to create that beautiful bridal look every girl looks forward to. I have put together the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions below. I hope I will answer many of your questions but, if I don’t… just contact me!


The Airbrush Makeup Application:

  1. Clients are encouraged to exfoliate in the days and weeks prior to their event day beauty services; exfoliating will help the makeup apply smoother and more flawlessly
  2. Clients are encouraged to moisturize in the days and weeks prior to their event day services; this will help smooth and soothe dry skin- oily skin needs moisture too so, the same suggestions apply!
  3. Airbrush makeup is a beautiful finish for special events; ranging from sheer to full coverage, and matte to dewy finish; water resistant, and will last up to 10 hours without a touch-up and 14-18 hours with a touch-up- depending on humidity, skin type, and activity level
  4. Airbrush makeup is customized to perfectly match each bride’s skin color; please prepare to wear a tank top, robe, or button down shirt at the time you are receiving beauty services
  5. Pictures of the makeup look, colors, eyeshadow style and intensity are strongly encouraged to help guide the process
  6. Airbrush makeup does not “fill” pock marks, scars, and other skin texture anomalies
  7. Brides requesting Tattoo Coverage should expect some discrepancies especially with large tattoos and tattoos with raised outlines
  8. False strip lashes, will be applied to all clients receiving airbrush makeup unless the client chooses to forego false lashes


The Hairstyle:

  1. Clients receiving hairstyling services should have freshly washed, dried hair, and brushed out hair that is free of products and has not been teased, curled or flat-ironed
  2. Clients should have a hairstyle in mind that they prefer and can explain to the artist but, pictures are strongly encouraged
  3. Each client receiving hairstyling services will receive one hairstyle
  4. Not having a trial, picture, or idea of how you’d like your hair styled gives the artist complete creative freedom
  5. Please be realistic of what your hair length, texture, and volume is capable of; many pictures seen on-line and in magazines have hair extensions and inserts to create the volume and cascading curls shown


Alicia and her artists aim to exceed each bride’s expectations and desire to achieve the most beautiful look for her. We want the best look for you on your wedding day just as much as you do. We take pride in our work and hope that you will too!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via


Phone and Text: 713-826-0709


Cheers and I look forward to working with you!